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Established in 1986, Reinvented in 2019

For over 33 years, Pacific Office Interiors has been the go to commercial interior design leader, Best in Class furniture dealer, and resource for colleges, corporations, government agencies and more in the Greater Los Angeles area.

We’re committed to creating and maintaining healthy, human-centered environments that optimize the nature of work, inspire high levels of performance, and create business results.

Our Values

Our guiding principle is to elevate the human experience through design and the work we do. Our values are a common denominator for our team that we collectively uphold and embody to deliver on our promise to every customer.


We value information, continually expanding the depth and breadth of our knowledge.


Truth is a guiding principle in our lives and how we approach our work.


We encourage outside feedback and self-inquiry as vehicles for honest self-awareness.


When the work we do is aligned with a purpose we believe in, our ability to grow is boundless.


Doing our best work is a gift we give ourselves.


We embrace our opportunity to help the world become a better place.

Creating Extraordinary Human Experiences

We’re passionate individuals, collectively aligned towards the common purpose of creating extraordinary human experiences, for everyone we engage with. We cherish the fun, fulfillment and understanding that comes from building meaningful relationships with our customers.

Living Our Promise

Our promise is simple: to deliver our best work so that your team can do theirs. It's this promise that we make and deliver to our customers each and every day. When we do things right, we set ourselves, our customers and each project up for success.

Now That You Know A Little Something About Us...

We'd love to connect and learn more about your project and organizational goals. Our team is ecstatic and excited to meet you and help transform your space.