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Modular Architectural Walls Create Flexible Office Spaces – Thornton Tomasetti

  /    /  Modular Architectural Walls Create Flexible Office Spaces – Thornton Tomasetti

Modular Architectural Walls Create Flexible Office Spaces – Thornton Tomasetti

Thornton Tomasetti’s (TT) tagline is, “When others say no, we say here’s how.” So, when they came to us for an innovative office space design, we said “here’s how modular architectural walls create flexible office spaces that adapt to meet your changing needs.”

The Power and Flexibility of Modular Architectural Walls

TT tackles some of the thorniest challenges imaginable in nearly every field imaginable. When business growth required an expansion into a new 11,000 square foot space, they wanted a flexible office space design that could be easily reconfigured, allow the reuse of existing office furniture, minimize waste and be as green as possible.

Pacific Office Interiors came up with the perfect solution: Haworth Moveable Walls from their Architectural Interiors line. This innovative solution is ideal for use in office designs and space layouts that change frequently.

Unlike traditional construction where multiple trades are on site, vying for room to work, modular architectural walls go in right after the flooring is down and the ceilings are up. The walls are fabricated in the Haworth factory and come equipped with both power and data connections. Prefabrication eliminates the waste and mess of drywall, masonry and other traditional wall systems. They also shorten the construction cycle, being made in parallel to other trades finishing their work on the project site.

Flexible Office Spaces Designs can Reuse Existing Furniture

Running floor to ceiling, these modular architectural wall panels can be remounted and reconfigured to accommodate space use demands. If a project needs a dedicated space where the project team can meet and focus, the panels can be reconfigured to provide the space necessary.

Surface finish options range from fixed and sliding glass panels to full height whiteboards for brainstorming, laminate, wood and fabrics. The walls can also be outfitted with hard points where traditional open office furniture such as shelves, work surfaces and storage can be attached. This capability solved another need of our client, reuse existing furniture assets. And, if new furniture is needed, it can be attached with ease.

Traditional wall construction is part of the building and stays if the company moves, but a big benefit of using modular architectural walls is that the company can take them to their new location: buy once, use many times for the ultimate in permanent flexibility.

Ergonomics Are Part of the Equation…and Solution

Ergonomics was another requirement for the new flexible office space. TT recognizes the benefits of proper ergonomics for employee health and productivity. So, we provided some of the premier ergonomic solutions on the market. Those included:

    • The HumanScale QuickStand desktop support for monitors, keyboard and mouse.
    • The Haworth Compose workstations.
    • Haworth’s ergonomic masterpiece, the Very Task Chair.
    • Haworth Plane tables.

Modular Architectural Walls Create Flexible Office Spaces

Haworth has designed their architectural interior solutions to make spaces flexible, responsive, cost-effective, and beautiful. We’d love to discuss how modular architectural walls can create flexible office spaces for your project. Read on about corporate office design, contact us, call 818.735.0333 or email us at to learn more.

Design Team: Koning Eizenberg Architecture