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An Easy, Effective, and Useful Measure of Exterior View

Haworth has developed a new, simple way to measure the quality of exterior view from within office environments. Particularly, views of nature outside office buildings are important contributors to the

Physical Space and Social Interaction

This topic demands an interdisciplinary focus since an adequate synthesis of the scientific information available includes at least the fields of architecture and interior design, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and geography.

One in a Million: Individual Work and Space

One in a Million: Individual Work and Space This paper theorizes on the relationships that exist between individuals, how they do things in the office, and how to best plan

Alternative Workplace Benchmark Study

In these volatile economic times, organizations are looking for ways to reduce fixed costs and are closely examining their real estate portfolios, which are typically their largest expense after people

Organic Workspace

Organizations that embrace the “people centric” organic metaphor are structured using flexible functions (departments, work groups) and spaces that change in response to business requirements. Click the image below to