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Spotlight: CBS Studio Center

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CBS owns the most-viewed television network in the United States, and one of the world’s largest libraries of entertainment content, making its brand one of the best in the business.

How BuzziFalls Can Help Your Employees Concentrate

Noise in the office can be one of the largest factors in causing distractions, preventing employees from fully concentrating on their work. Maintaining a calm mental state can help individuals

Spotlight: Giant Bicycles Leads the Pack in Workplace Transformations

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  • office interior projects
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When you think of riding a bicycle, you think of adventure— being free and one with nature. The team at Giant Bicycles’ corporate office in Thousand Oaks wanted to incorporate

Why Your Office Should Incorporate Elements of Nature

If you had the choice, would you prefer to work on a project at a desk in a grey room, or in a park where a small creek runs through

Haworth Hoop Collaboration Table

Whether you need a table for an office setting or simply just as an accessory, Haworth’s Hoop Collaborative Table is designed to for both. The hoop-shaped table is standing-height, encouraging

3 in 1: Conference Table, Presentation Board, Ping Pong Table

Nomad Sport Whether your office space calls for a conference table, a presentation table, or a ping pong table, the Scale 1:1 Nomad does it all. Nomad Sport was “Winner by

Arper Q&A with Pacific Office Interiors

Arper offers a variety of modern furniture collections, with several design awards and product certifications. Arper is in “pursuit of the essential,” and we wanted to find out the unique story behind

October is National Ergonomics Month

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society designated October as National Ergonomics Month, back in 2003! In honor of this month, Pacific Office Interiors wants to help bring awareness to the influence

Haworth’s Tilt Stool Adds Mobility to the Workplace

Haworth’s Tilt Stool adds a modern touch and sense of motion to your everyday office. The stools are height-adjustable, providing mobility and motion for a range of seated postures. Stay