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Service Manager


Carlos Martinez is the Service Manager at POI. He is responsible for supporting our Installation team so that POI can provide the best experience to its customers. His favorite quote is “Don’t miss me for I love you; don’t cry for I made you laugh.” His top three favorite movies are The Heat, Braveheart, and The Notebook. At POI, he creates labor quotes, supports the installation team, tries to find solutions when issues come up with company vehicles, and hires new Installers. Carlos has been working at POI for 15 years and started as Installer.

Three years later, he became a Dispatcher and is now the Service Manager. He worked with another small Haworth dealer in Newbury Park for five years, and he also worked with Southland Office Interiors for about four years before coming to POI. When it comes to working at POI, Carlos loves the Man Cave! He is happy for what he does every day and is blessed to work with good people. His friends would describe him as stubborn and a hard worker. Carlos strives to be honest, to be sincere, to be real with people, and to be a humble person. Outside of work, he loves hiking, spending time with his wife and kids, and walking his dogs.

818-735-0333, Ext. 233

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