We help organizations create environments people want to be in.

We are interior consultants, designing, supplying and servicing products for commercial spaces. We see design and the prospect of doing meaningful work as a way to leave the world a better place. POI completes hundreds of projects each year, from startups to global enterprises, building transformations daily with people, space and business.

Our Services

Change Management: Ensure that stakeholders are aware, engaged, and open to the lasting benefits of upcoming change.
Ergonomic Analysis: Provide audits, inquiries, training and solutions to help your organization optimize safety, comfort and efficiency.

Acoustic, Air, Noise & Privacy Study: Optimize the working environment, leveraging creative design to eliminate distractions that keep your team from doing their best work.

Human Sustainability: Implement measures designed to enhance human performance and satisfaction.

Design: Leverage design to improve the human / business paradigm.
Space Planning: Optimize environments to accommodate workflow, adjacencies, density, and departmental / individual needs.
Installation: Committed to finishing well through our team of courteous, prompt and professional installers.

Project Coordination: Managing the complexity of hundreds of projects per year.
Technical Planning: Translate critical data to actionable and achievable initiatives, to avoid last minute scrambling, delays and anxiety.
Programming: Discover your facility needs at the organizational, departmental and individual levels.

Warehousing | Maintenance: Leveraging over 35,000 square feet of combined warehouse facilities, we simplify access to essential inventories, tools, vehicles and supplies.
Workplace Audit: Provide actionable data on how individuals and departments work.

Visioning: Empower teams using the skills of meeting facilitation, active listening, and graphic recording.
Strategic Facility Consulting: Secure outsourced manpower to enhance your team’s capacity.

Cost Analysis/Product Research: Help clients maximize their investment by providing thoughtful and compelling solutions.
Benchmarking: Share real-time feedback on the latest real estate, ergonomic, design and productivity trends.

Asset Management: Provide tools and resources necessary for inventory tracking, warehousing, reconfiguration, and installation.

Our Values


We value information, continually expanding the depth and breadth of our knowledge.


Truth is a guiding principle in our lives.


We encourage outside feedback and self-inquiry as vehicles for honest self-awareness.


Doing our best work is a gift we give ourselves.


When the work we do is aligned with a purpose we believe in, our ability to grow is boundless.


We embrace our opportunity to help the world become a better place.


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