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Pacific Office Interiors (POI) was established in 1986. Today we are one of the preeminent full-service commercial interiors specialists. We’re committed to creating and maintaining healthy, human-centered environments that optimize the nature of work, inspire high levels of performance, and enable business results.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise of our team. With an average of more than ten years industry experience per employee, an incredible client retention rate, and a commitment to ongoing training, we have some of the brightest talent around!

Our service staff is comprised of extremely competent, dependable and professional individuals who continue to reinforce the positive experience of working with POI. Our team is certified by all of the top manufacturers we work with. We regularly receive accolades from customers and partners.

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We offer a holistic approach to the workspace that encompasses the entire commercial interior, including accessories, architectural products, flooring, furniture, finishes, lighting and millwork.

Our consultative expertise guides, whether you require cutting-edge integrated workspace or simple procurement planning. A complete array of services such as asset management, cost analysis, product research, design, installation, project management, technical planning, and warehousing are available as needed to support your project.

Our customers range from small startups to large, multinational companies, with projects from a few workstations to entire corporate campuses. Our staff utilizes the latest technology to accommodate client needs in minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks. Planning, specifications, ordering and tracking are managed within refined systems to ensure speed, accuracy and visibility to each team member. Information is available to you in a variety of customizable formats.


Continuously Improving as Leaders and Partners

Growth is a constant focus at Pacific Office Interiors. We’re passionate about making ourselves and the world a better place. Great things happen when we lead from an open heart and curious mind. This spirit of inquiry, coupled with active listening, finds us transformed as frequently as the projects and people we touch. Each department within our organization has clearly articulated goals. These goals guide the objectives and focus of every team member while linking to our core, organizational values. Our passion for improvement fosters a positive, unified feeling of shared commitment, cooperation and action within our POI community.

Creating Extraordinary Human Experiences

We’re passionate individuals, collectively aligned towards the common purpose of creating extraordinary human experiences, for everyone we engage with. We cherish the fun, fulfillment and understanding which comes from building meaningful relationships. Working together is one of the fastest ways to build community. “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul”, says French philosopher Simone Weil.

Evolving as a Learning Organization

Pacific Office Interiors nurtures learning in three primary ways. First, we foster a passion for knowledge, communication and dialog. Second, we support this with systems and processes to facilitate the accurate transfer of information from one individual to another. Third, we work diligently to embed this individual or tribal knowledge into our organization so the lessons learned survive in perpetuity. We provide opportunities for continuous learning and leverage organizational processes to support long-term knowledge ecology. We believe our processes should support us and our customers – not encumber us. We approach the growth and management of our company with the same holistic mindset we bring to our projects. An investment in deep understanding is essential for transformation. Being a learning organization includes adapting and changing to keep pace with our customers.

Living Our Promise

When we do these things right, we set ourselves, our clients and our projects up for success. Our Mission Statement is the framework that aligns our strategies, people, and processes towards our primary objective of Building Transformations.