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Jenifer Halverson

  /  Jenifer Halverson
Studio Director

Jenifer Halverson.

Serving as the Studio Director at POI, Jenifer Halverson plays a major role in the onboarding and training of specification designers; quality control; and general project support. Through her commitment to this role, she has helped POI improve the quality of project deliverables as well as remain a resource for the rooted knowledge of both product and client projects. Jeni affectionately jokes about being a project memory bank and the showroom guardian. She earned a B.S. degree in Interior Design degree from CSUN and has deepened her expertise through working with industry greats at POI for over a decade.

When asked what she has learned, Jeni shares that the trends of interior solutions reflect client culture. Taking this a step further, Jeni suggests that this relationship can expand to a seamless integration of culture and workspace ideals. She leads a thorough discovery process when shaping the workspace, one that captures both the desired aesthetics and necessary functionality for a truly authentic environment.

A self-described “design-in-progress,” Jeni values personal growth, dependability, and persistence. These qualities allow Jeni to cultivate growth and advancement both within herself and the environments she helps to create. This is made easier by her love of POI’s beautiful location within her home community, her family, and insider access to the best furniture and fixtures in the industry. Outside of work, Jeni spends time cheering for her favorite athletes-her sons, yoga because she is a mom, beach days to recharge, sketching for stability, and researching/collecting via Pinterest to relax.

Education: CSUN
818-735-0333, Ext. 275

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