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ibooth Provides You Privacy in a Public Space

In today’s world, it is rare that we find privacy in public places. This makes it difficult to talk on the phone or browse the computer peace. iBooth  from Peter Pepper Products is

How BuzziFalls Can Help Your Employees Concentrate

Noise in the office can be one of the largest factors in causing distractions, preventing employees from fully concentrating on their work. Maintaining a calm mental state can help individuals

Haworth’s Aspen Sofa Adds Elegance to the Office Space

If you’re looking to spruce up your lobby area or a bland lounge area, Haworth’s Aspen sofa by Cassina could be exactly what you’re looking for. The Aspen sofa has

Ted Talk: Architecture That’s Built To Heal

Michael Murphy presents his eloquent Ted Talk on how he and his team look far beyond the blueprint when designing.  

AMQ ACTIV Height Adjustable Benching

Health in the workplace has been gaining more and more attention over the years, increasing the popularity of height-adjustable desks. While height-adjustable desks have been in the spotlight, singular desks are

Spotlight: Giant Bicycles Leads the Pack in Workplace Transformations

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  • office interior projects
  • Giant Bicycles

When you think of riding a bicycle, you think of adventure— being free and one with nature. The team at Giant Bicycles’ corporate office in Thousand Oaks wanted to incorporate

3Form Q&A

3Form is a design-driven materials solutions company unified by a group of committed people, creating breakthrough products while staying committed to the planet. It is a leading manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable building materials

Why Your Office Should Incorporate Elements of Nature

If you had the choice, would you prefer to work on a project at a desk in a grey room, or in a park where a small creek runs through

Humanscale’s Diffrient Occasional Stacking Chair: Tri-panel Backrest

The Diffrient Occasional chair, designed by Ergonomics pioneer Niels Diffient, is a versatile, multipurpose stacking chair suitable for many office settings.  The Humanscale chair has a tri-panel backrest made with non-stretch

YPO Global Pulse – November 2016

YPO has released the third quarter data from the Global Pulse Survey. The YPO Global Pulse Confidence index fell 0.5 point to 59.2 in Q3 2016. Although this is a