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Physical Environment on Knowledge Worker Performance

The value impact of these intentionally collaborative environments for the client dramatically influenced successful communication with clients.   Click the image below to read the full article.

Spotlight: USC

  • USC interior projects
  • USC interior
  • USC interior
  • USC office interior
  • USC interior
  • USC interior

USC PROJECT STORY Fertita Hall is a beautifully executed space, that people find themselves compelled to explore upon entering.  This project required extensive coordination and attention to detail. A multitude of

Spotlight: Gospel Light

  • Gospel Light office interior projects
  • office interior

Workspaces which successfully represent a company’s brand as well as their values are few and far between. But in the case of Gospel Light’s new headquarters, a merging of company


  • Cornerstone office interior projects
  • Cornerstone projects

As an industry leader in a rapidly developing software segment, Cornerstone On Demand’s space reflects their commitment to, and support of, their incredibly talented team. Vicinities typically associated with high-end hospitality

Organic Workspace

Organizations that embrace the “people centric” organic metaphor are structured using flexible functions (departments, work groups) and spaces that change in response to business requirements. Click the image below to

Communication and Community Building

The workplace offers a unique opportunity to create shared meaning for those that choose to pursue it. Community represents the degree to which individuals feel connected to others. Click the