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Our Services

With over 150+ furniture partners, we've got solutions for every space.

A diverse group of multi-generational designers on hand to make your dream space, a reality.

A dedicated and experienced team of service professionals manage logistics to deliver and install your furniture on site.

Award-Winning Furniture.

Furniture is a critical component to any space and our team has extensive experience with commercial and contract furniture for over 30 years. As a Preferred Haworth Dealer, our sales and design teams are well-versed on Haworth product, providing key product information and details to customers for specification with little turnaround.

Office Furniture is robust and not limited to chairs and desks. We work with hundreds of manufacturers in addition to Haworth, to position a wide array of products and solutions fit for your space. Our sales team can work with you to determine the right pieces and our designers work in tandem with them to ensure product specifications work in the overall design.

Whether you’re looking for furniture for your corporate office, healthcare facility, or college, our team has the experience and passion to make your dream space, a reality.

Ergonomic Evaluation

Ah yes, Ergonomics. We’ve all heard of Ergonomics, but few understand the immense value and health benefits in its practice. Ergonomics aims to improve workspaces and environments to minimize risk, injury or harm and improve interaction with furniture, systems and the work environment.


Our sales and design team are versed and knowledgeable in ergonomic products and can position the right products to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our sales team can perform ergonomic evaluations prior to the introduction of furniture or Ergonomic best practices- a wonderful way to see specifically where you’re at currently and the improvements users feel afterward.

Furniture Demos

Try before you buy? Done. We offer furniture demos to customers for many products, providing the ability to try out furniture features, in person and at no charge. This service is incredibly valuable when you are choosing between multiple options for your space. Our team can deliver demos directly to site and, if needed, provide valuable User Training or demonstrations.

Furniture demos are also a great way to get your team excited and inspired by the changes about to take place in your space. If you’re interested in a furniture demo, please get in touch with our team today.

Federal Government Furniture (GSA®)

We’ve had the unique opportunity to complete numerous projects for government offices, departments and agencies across Southern California over the years, participating in GSA® awarded-projects with our partners. Our sales team is equipped to identify furniture, fixtures and equipment for any government agency that is on the appropriate schedule.

User Training

So you’ve purchased 250 task chairs for your corporate headquarters, now what? Our team is delighted to offer tailored and informative user training for all products after installation so that employees and end users get the most of the furniture.

We work closely with facilities, operations and human resources personnel to create training and furniture demonstrations for height-adjustable desks, task chairs and more. This valuable service allows you and your team get the most out of the newest additions to your space. We’ll show you how to make work effortless, easy and productive.

Project Management

With you every step of the way. Our dedicated Project Management team oversees your entire project from start to finish, working cross-functionally with our sales, design and service teams to ensure your project goes smoothly. Every detail is important to our project management team who will ensure the accuracy of orders, coordinate shipments, manage punch lists and assist wherever needed during each project.

Warranty & Protection

Hassle-Free Warranties. The furniture you purchase will have what is called a manufacturer warranty, much like furniture or goods purchased for the home. Our team is happy to assist customers in validating warranties at the manufacturer level and if needed, order replacement parts.

Commercial Interior Design.

Our design service offering combines the collective experience of both our sales and install teams who work in tandem on each project to deliver value to our customers. We are a proud team of design enthusiasts whose holistic approach allows each team member at our company to participate and add value. This approach encourages studio designers to interface cross-functionally with other departments, offering customers a unique, multi-generational approach to design.


Our designers are also versed in providing acoustical treatments, flooring, lighting solutions and specifications to complete an entire outfit any space. In addition, the studio team offers turnkey design services working directly with property management groups, developers and landlords for tenant improvements.

Typical Development

This is the method of building product solutions that fit the needs of your employees within the space planned footprint. It requires a blend of left-brain and right-brain to complete this work as we analyze, research, and collaborate to achieve a truly functional design. Exploring the privacy, acoustical, ergonomic and storage requirements for each work area in your space, we leverage trusted products and organize them into options so that customers can select the best decision. Due to the volume of available furniture solutions and material options, it is important to our team to partner with the right manufacturers and we do, so that we can be confident in the offerings we position on every project.

Space Reconfiguration

Same space, new ideas. Our design team has performed countless reconfigurations for customers large and small using furniture from hundreds of manufacturers, and collectively have over 15 years of experience doing so. Space Reconfigurations involve modifying the current layout (perhaps to increase headcount) or relocating typicals to another area to make room for a new type of function such as converting a meeting room to a private office. Reconfigurations help optimize and refresh your space and create an environment your team wants to be in.

Furniture Plans & Specifications

The team with a plan. Consider our design team your personal product experts- furniture planning, specification of product and finishes as well as the bill of materials generation, we’re with you every step of the way. Furniture plans and specifications go together to build your furniture order. The process begins by building upon the architectural backgrounds your 2D/3D furniture layout using CET Designer ® software, simultaneously the specification of all furniture details and finishes is also occurring. Once the design has your approval, the specifications are exported to quote form and alongside the furniture plan, become a package ready for order.

Space Planning

Space Planning, done right. Our designers work collaboratively with the project team to define goals that will shape how the space will be used. Considerations in this process include all aspects of the architectural interior; lighting, power and data locations, flooring and code compliance. The result is a definitive layout that achieves optimal use of available space. Space Planning is an integral part of our design process and the primary goal throughout is increasing productivity and communication for people who rely on a space enabling them to do their best work.

Office Noise Reduction

Goodbye Noisy Offices. Offices, especially with the introduction of open layouts, can present noise issues for users. Our design and sales team work together to present acoustical products and solutions to help reduce office or workplace noise and create an environment where everyone can perform at their best with fewer distractions.

Finish Schemes & Renderings

Get inspired. From paint, surfaces, flooring, and wall treatment options, our designers have you covered with endless material options and combinations. This translates to a tailored, holistic workspace that is brought to life through a logical design process.

Visualize it. Clear and concise communication of the design intent is crucial to the success of the project and our design team offers various types of renderings to our clients to help them understand the design as it develops and the products contained in it. These can be realistic depictions of what your workspace will look like and include finish and material selections to demonstrate the entire cohesive design.

Power & Data Location Plans

We’ve got the power. Our design team is trained to understand the electrical capabilities of furniture systems. Our designers consider the most appropriate type and location of power and data for the type of space, providing additional drawings that illustrate infeed, power and data outlet locations to optimize the user’s functional abilities in their space.

Design Consultations

Show us your space. As design enthusiasts, we jump at the chance to be present in your space and together explore what ideas, needs and goals you have. Understanding the various product offering standards such as style, material, dimensions and capabilities we get inspired on the spot begin putting together your preliminary design concepts. Those concepts are an explorative process where we define a customer’s preferences including style, material, and budget.

Delivery & Installation.

The completion of each project requires the utmost level of service and care and that’s where our service team comes in. Our experienced and professional service technicians support project planning, coordination, furniture installation, and custom applications in your space.

This team adds tremendous value to customers by offering creative ideas and solutions for onsite changes and managing the details leading up to a final walk-thru and project delivery. Our installation and service team has been with our company for an average of 12 years, something we’re incredibly proud of. This team of furniture installation experts are trained and certified to handle and service the products we sell and participate in continuous training with many of the manufacturers we supply.

From modular systems furniture, files, desks and storage systems, we ensure products are handled with care, transported safely and delivered in our own fleet of vehicles on time. Got storage? We’ve got 30,000 sq. feet of high pile warehouse storage to store and maintain customer assets upon receipt or provide long term storage as needed. Our team has worked across Los Angeles and Ventura counties and have even traveled out of state to service large, national accounts that prefer to work with our installers who deliver an incomparable level of customer service and quality of work. There’s comfort in knowing your furniture is in capable, professional hands, with every mile, on every project.

Furniture Delivery & Installation

Out for Delivery, In our blood. Our installation team has completed hundreds, if not thousands of deliveries and furniture installations over the years and their professionalism, excellence and experience is the lifeblood of our business. We complete deliveries for projects across Los Angeles armed with a fleet of delivery vehicles and an installation team who exude the highest level of customer service. Our installation team consistency garners praise and admiration from our customers and at every turn, we’ve got you covered.

Furniture Disposal

Out with the old, in with a new life. Many projects require older furniture to be removed or disposed of, something our team can handle as part of delivery and installation. We make every effort to find a new and deserving home for older furniture, including donating items to local charities and organizations who could reuse and benefit from it. In addition, we also team up with local recycling partners who accept these items on our behalf and alleviate the burden of disposing these items for our customers. It’s our part in making design sustainable and green.

Service & Maintenance

Protecting your investment. Furniture costs for any space can be substantial but with regular maintenance and service, you can get the most out of your furniture and fixtures. Regular cleaning, repairs and service ensure products are protected and allow users to get the most out of them day in and day out.


Our house is your warehouse. With over 18,000 sqft. of warehouse space between two convenient locations in Los Angeles, your products are insured and protected before install. We can safely store your assets in our warehouse until your project is ready, for a nominal fee.

We pride ourselves on embracing our creativity. We love a good challenge, and bring innovation, new ideas, and beautiful design to our work.

Regardless of project size, we are dedicated to timely, efficient, and diligent work.

Our team shares in the same quality: A passion for our work and helping to create spaces that inspire.

With a multi-generational team of designers, service and sales professionals, we leverage our experience to deliver immense value to our customers.

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