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Modern Workspace for Top Talent with Ergonomic Chairs and Desks

Office Design Helps Company Attract Top Talent – Murphy Research

Designing a space fit for the top talent in market research.

  /    /  Office Design Helps Company Attract Top Talent – Murphy Research

Office Design Helps Company Attract Top Talent – Murphy Research

When Murphy Research had the chance to purchase and finish out a brand new space in the heart of Santa Monica in a way that reflected their attitude, style, and work ethic, they turned to Pacific Office Interiors. The company was looking for an office design that helps the company attract top talent and that would also appeal to its clients.

An Office Design To Attract Top Talent

Murphy Research is staffed with bright, energetic employees who are passionate about blending creativity with market intelligence. Like many fields, market research is hyper-competitive; so to survive, companies have to have the best people and find new, innovative ways to conduct research and deliver actionable results better than their competition.

They also felt the office design could help the company attract this top talent, and retain them. Their existing space was furnished in a style that can best be described as a duplicate of the set of the 1999 film, “Office Space.” In other words, a boring, bland cookie-cutter layout and design. To cap it all off, the design and furniture didn’t work together, hampering effective space utilization and employee interaction.

A real strength and benefit we bring to our clients is our ability to see the potential in existing assets and leverage them as part of the new design. The bright star in Murphy’s existing situation was that the furniture from their previous design was high quality, mostly Haworth and had a “cool factor” that worked with new designs. For every desk and chair we reused, the client could redirect those dollars to supplemental furniture and furnishings. The bottom line for Murphy Research was we helped them spend on the right things, save on the right things, and extend their budget.

Tempering Industrial Spaces with Bright Colors

The new building in Santa Monica was an ideal industrial feel design with exposed concrete walls and ceilings and exposed ductwork and conduit. Unless you are going to use an industrial space for industrial purposes, it’s always good design practice to soften and enliven the space.

To this end, we blended vibrant orange (the color of the company’s logo) and green panels, fabrics and walls with pristine white, wood and chrome accents. In an interesting display of their client base, circles of differing colors with a client’s name were placed on a white background, clearly visible to employees and guests alike.

Open workspaces are furnished with Haworth Intuity workstations and the Haworth ergonomic masterpiece task chair, the Very. Public areas are made comfortable and inviting with Haworth Chic Pouf ottomans and Krug Sutton Lounge furniture.

Office Design Benefits Beyond Attracting Top Talent

While it’s true a primary project objective was creating an office design that attracts top talent, there were others. For example, in a nod to budget and environmental considerations, Murphy wanted to reuse as much furniture as possible, but in harmony with the design rather than in spite of it. They also wanted to improve communication between individuals and work groups, something made difficult in the previous layout.

So, how did we do meeting Murphy’s primary goals? Employees love the new space and the company feels it helps when competing for new talent. We were able to help them reuse a lot of their existing furniture, placing it in an optimal design. And, communications are much easier today, encouraged and facilitated by the open office design.

Can Office Design Help Attract Top Talent?

In the 21st Century, the design of the workplace can be as important as the work itself when recruiting new employees. Murphy Research feels office design helps their company attract top talent, so they selected Pacific Office Interiors to create the perfect space for their new offices. We have the expertise and resources to help you create the space where people will want to work. Let’s start a conversation today.

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