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Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework was developed initially from research conducted by University of Michigan faculty members on the major indicators of effective organizational performance. Click the image below to read

Are Gen-Y’s Brains “Modular” or “Unconscious”?

Many people assume that younger workers can process information in fundamentally different ways than their older counterparts. This paper reviews research relevant to that assumption and explores the association between

Environment conditions and job satisfaction

The current research explores details about satisfaction with lighting and views and the nature of the link between environmental satisfaction and job satisfaction. Click the image below to read the

Building a Transformation

As President of Pacific Office Interiors, one of my primary objectives is to make sure our brand and promise resonate with both our current business model and vision for the

Alternative Workplace Benchmark Study

In these volatile economic times, organizations are looking for ways to reduce fixed costs and are closely examining their real estate portfolios, which are typically their largest expense after people

Physical Environment on Knowledge Worker Performance

The value impact of these intentionally collaborative environments for the client dramatically influenced successful communication with clients.   Click the image below to read the full article.

Communication and Community Building

The workplace offers a unique opportunity to create shared meaning for those that choose to pursue it. Community represents the degree to which individuals feel connected to others. Click the