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Haworth Healthcare Environments Atwell

Haworth Healthcare Environments Atwell Line Balancing your facility’s performance with patient-centered care is an everyday challenge.  Creating inviting spaces, where people can heal, boosting efficiency and fulfilling the rigorous requirements

Busby Chair – A Modern Haven

Busby chair is one of Naughtone’s most useful, modern and beautiful designs. The chair is a stylish haven built for everyday activities. Busby is used for individual seating, perfect for lobby

SixInch Q&A

SIXINCH is a design driven company, specializing in modern multi-step, handcrafted foam coated furniture. SIXINCH serves all market segments, offering  manufacturing services to designers, architects, and creative minds to bring their

Haworth’s Tilt Stool Adds Mobility to the Workplace

Haworth’s Tilt Stool adds a modern touch and sense of motion to your everyday office. The stools are height-adjustable, providing mobility and motion for a range of seated postures. Stay

Nevins’ Climb

In the traditional work setting, it can be hard to find settings that inspire collaboration. Nevins’ Climb multi-level seating breaks the mold of a typical lounge area by allowing furniture