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A modern office in the heart of El Segundo? We did it.



DTI Services turned to Pacific Office Interiors as they set out to relocate their business from the heart of downtown Los Angeles to El Segundo, California. The web hosting company saw the move as an opportunity to transform their office into a beautiful workplace designed for optimal business productivity.

After careful consideration of DTI’s needs, POI crafted a list of options that would meet their requirements while staying within budget. Providing real-time updates across all referenced files and mediums, helped the project stakeholders manage the rapidly evolving products and solutions.

DTI’s original workplace consisted of three separate floors that divided the team, and tall panels that limited their ability to communicate openly. Accordingly, POI sought to implement an open space. Lower height panels encourage collaboration between team members, while also allowing sunlight to penetrate throughout the space. According to research, access to natural light encourages worker productivity and enhances one’s mood.  Pops of color throughout the space create interest and energy.

The DTI team is thrilled with their new space. Having all employees on one floor, in an open office environment, has dramatically changed the way they work. DTI’s new workspace now accurately reflects their brand’s modern, tech-savvy culture.