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Cornerstone Lobby Reception Third Place Design

Collaborative Third Place Design for a High Tech Headquarters – Cornerstone OnDemand

  /    /  Collaborative Third Place Design for a High Tech Headquarters – Cornerstone OnDemand

Collaborative Third Place Design for a High Tech Headquarters – Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a rapidly growing tech company in Santa Monica, CA. Their software products and services enable companies of any size to recruit, train, manage and ultimately, retain employees. Being in the recruiting and retention business, Cornerstone envisioned a collaborative third place design for their high-tech headquarters. Their goal? To attract and retain the employees the company needs to grow, flourish and serve their worldwide base of clients.

To turn this vision into reality, Cornerstone engaged Pacific Office Interiors, the leading provider of sophisticated, cutting-edge interior spaces in the Greater Los Angeles area. Pacific Office Interiors team delivered an office environment that put the employee first. Third places abound, providing work settings that recognize employees have different workstyles, many that were not supported by traditional office design.

Taking the concept further, the spaces include accommodation for employees’ moods: Need to work undisturbed? We created spaces for that. Need to work in a relaxing setting? Ditto. Feeling stressed and need a fun place to decompress? Employees can find third places for that purpose, too.

Collaborative Third Place Design Starts with the Lobby

Cornerstone’s space not only gives a great first impression, it sets a tone “wowing” talent and clients alike. Custom lighting and floor coverings set the mood for the unique fashion-forward high-back chairs and table from the European inspired Haworth Collection.

Collaborative Third Places for Fast Meetings

Another trend in today’s workforce is the standup or check-in meeting. Ample meeting spaces were built using Haworth Modular Walls to facilitate these. Full-height white boards, bar height work surfaces, and stools encourage highly efficient meetings, while adjoining details like dramatic fabrics, finishes, and views support longer working sessions. The stools can be easily stowed, allowing the bar to serve as a table for refreshments, documents, literature and other needs. This is a prime example of collaborative third place design for a high-tech headquarters.

Presentation Theater Space Doubles as Office Entertainment Venue

In keeping with the design goal of flexible third places, Cornerstone wanted a presentation theater room that could serve for client presentations, corporate training and as a space to spend leisure time with coworkers, watch the big game or have a company movie night. The oversize theater seats are by Haworth with a vibrant custom fabric from the Romo Group.

Outdoor Third “Play Space” for Meeting and Relaxation

For employees wanting to get outside without leaving the building, an open terrace was outfitted with a hospitality-inspired design. Comfortable, appealing, and inviting, with a residential vibe, it is the perfect space to mingle and relax. Or test your chess mettle on the oversized chess board. For the furniture, Pacific Office Interiors pulled from Gloster, Shadescapes, Unlimited Planter and Decor.

In the Words of the Customer

What does Cornerstone OnDemand think of the space delivered by Pacific Office Interiors? According to the Cornerstone Project Manager, Farima Nojoumi, “POI is excellent. Their Account Manager and design team were very accommodating and extremely creative.”

How does Cornerstone describe the space after “living” in it for some time? They love the playful yet productive spaces. Vibrant colors and dramatic patterns break up sightlines, creating interest wherever you look. Flexible work areas accommodate nearly every workstyle and mood. Everyone has somewhere to go. No matter your mood or goal for the day, whether you need to work alone or in a group, there’s a space for that.

Did they achieve their goal of reducing employee turnover? It appears they did, even with the intervention of COVID-19.

Collaborative Third Places For Your Company

Click here to learn more about Corporate Interior Design Services and Furniture. If you are interested in learning more about creating a collaborative third place design for your high tech headquarters, contact Pacific Office Interiors or call 818.735.0333 to start the discussion.