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Use of Bright Colors in a High-Tech Office – DTI

  /    /  Use of Bright Colors in a High-Tech Office – DTI

Use of Bright Colors in a High-Tech Office – DTI

It takes a confident and skilled team to specify and pull off the use of bright colors in a high-tech office space without also creating a jarring, unprofessional look. But that is exactly what Pacific Office Interiors and Klawiter and Associates achieved for DTI Services’ new offices when the company moved from their original downtown Los Angeles location to El Segundo. Not only were DTI and it’s employees thrilled with the results, the space was so inviting, it was nominated for a Calibre Design Award.

Consolidating Work Spaces to Enhance Collaboration

DTI Services’ original office space in downtown Los Angeles had employees spread over three floors. This scattering of their workforce made effective communication and collaboration difficult. So, when continued growth made their space too small, the company moved to a new location in El Segundo where everyone could be on one level with plenty of room for future growth.

Another feature of their original space was its dated and restrictive layout made up of high-partition cubes and enclosed conference rooms and offices. Even if people were on the same floor, casual interaction was difficult at best. The company decided to open things up in El Segundo as a means of further enhancing collaboration and communication.

Bright Colors in a High-Tech Office – Yellow as a Matter of Fact

The effect of color on people’s moods enjoys its own branch of study and research. So, the successful use of bright colors in a high-tech office requires design skill and experience. Too much of a color can be a two-edged sword, turning a positive into a negative. For example, yellow is a color that creates a playful, bright and energetic reaction when used correctly, yet too much can become depressing.

Part of the design goal with the new office style was to maximize natural light. Since not all areas were adjacent to windows, bright colors were chosen to mirror the effect and create bright, lively and enjoyable spaces. The deep yellow finish takes center stage in the role of propelling sunlight, or the impression of it, through the spaces. The results speak for themselves – the space has an immediate appeal with employees and guests; while presenting a professional, high-tech look. Score one for the skillful use of yellow!

Break Room and Coffee Bar Encourage Employees to Mingle

The break room is reminiscent of a restaurant or trendy diner. Booths along the windows are covered in a neutral, wear-resistant fabric. The booth tables are finished in a light, almost blonde laminate that echo the unique wooden pendant lights. The group dining tables by Nevins Parsons are covered in a pristine white laminate that matches the sleek, modern theme of the built-in cabinetry and wall tile.

However, it is the yellow that makes it all click. The floor and ceiling in the booth area accentuate daylight. The same color is featured on the KI Doni Stack Chairs which, in an unexpected touch, have white fronts that match the tables.

A separate coffee bar provides another mingling and recharging space for employees. Four Andreau World RDL Barstools line a bar with coffee equipment on the wall behind. People can have coffee, talk with coworkers, check email away from their workstations or just unwind.

Open Work and Conference Spaces

True to their vision of opening up the workspaces to encourage greater collaboration and encourage casual communication, DTI Services specified open work areas with half-height partitions and unique floor-to-ceiling cable arrangements to define spaces. Inside, desks are arranged in a bullpen fashion and storage units feature another use of bright colors in a high-tech office; a cushion top in vivid colors to provide impromptu seating options.

Conference rooms carry through on the open style with one wall completely open and a second provided by full-height glass panels. Sleek conference tables are by Davis Exo and slimline European style chairs provide comfortable seating for productive meetings. A smaller brainstorming area is furnished with four height-adjustable high back chairs centered around a round coffee table. A glass board and flip chart make it easy to capture ideas.

European-Inspired Board Room

The company’s board room provides an open feeling with the privacy board discussions require. Situated along an outside wall, those windows are complemented by a parallel glass wall. Bright blue and blue-green decals add interest and color. European-inspired furnishings include the Davis Span table and their EXO chair.

Award-Worthy Design by a Bold Team

The new DTI Services office was nominated for a Calibre Design Award in large part due to its use of bright colors in a high tech office. These bright colors in a high-tech office exude a cool, hip and easy feel without even trying that people gravitate towards. The pros at Pacific Office Interiors are prepared to help you make your own bold statement. Read more about Corporate Design and Furniture, contact us, call 818.735.0333 or email us at to learn more.

Design Team: Klawitter and Associates