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Credit Union Conference Room with Long Table and Chairs

Modern Credit Union Design – Edwards FCU Palmdale Branch

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Modern Credit Union Design – Edwards FCU Palmdale Branch

Since 1962, Edwards Federal Credit Union (Edwards FCU) has been “Antelope Valley Proud.” As a Federally insured and regulated financial institution, built on the cooperative model and owned by its members, Edwards FCU is dedicated to a simple goal; helping each other through good times and bad.

The Edwards FCU wanted a modern credit union design; one that subtly reflected the natural beauty of the Antelope Valley and that provided a flexible and inviting work environment as well as attractive, adaptable community spaces. The new facility also includes it’s corporate offices, requiring a tri-purpose solution.

Modern Credit Union Design Philosophy

The Antelope Valley encompasses Palmdale and Lancaster and is known for its natural beauty. To honor this setting, the design incorporates natural elements in a subtle rather than an “in your face” manner. The goal was to create a gradual transition between the outside and the facility.

To achieve this, we used natural materials and finishes and earthy tones throughout with splashes of bright color for emphasis and interest. Additionally, imagery showing the history of the area and its sponsorship of large soccer tournaments is featured in low-key wall graphics.

Warm, Inviting and Relaxing Branch Business Area

The modern credit union design is clearly evident in the branch’s reception and business area. A member work table, the Aircraft Wing from Wayfair, is reminiscent of the Apple Genius Bar. Here, customers can fire up their laptop, relax while charging their devices before a meeting or prepare before meeting with a teller. The design-forward stools are the Swivel by Mayline and Sopra by Aceray. The colorful lounge chairs just inside the entrance are the Clipse from Encore. The custom architectural wooden ceiling over the teller area reflects a cloud-studded sky. In total, the space is warm, inviting and relaxing.

Flexible-Use Community Room

The new modern credit union facility includes a flexible-use community space that its member-owners can reserve for any purpose, from business meetings to social gatherings. The design uses flip top tables and nesting chairs on casters to make it easy to rearrange the room to meet the needs of a variety of users, from staff meetings to community gatherings.

Ergonomic Office Design

Offices for Edwards FCU management are ergonomically focused with differences in the level of finishes for the manager and senior staff positions. For example, painted metal accents on the manager desks are replaced by wood on executive desks. But all the desks are from the Master Series by Haworth and are height adjustable to encourage employees to change position and move during the day. The innovative Haworth Fern chair, an important part of this ergonomic office design, is used in every office along with Encore Flirt guest chairs. The glass board facilitates collaboration and abundant natural light keeps the spaces bright and lively.

Minimalist Conference and Boardroom

Since the building also serves as the Edwards FCU corporate offices, dedicated meeting space was needed for business and board meetings. The space received the modern credit union design treatment with subdued nature-oriented wall treatments, while floor to ceiling glass interior and exterior walls allow maximum use of natural light.

We furnished the room with a custom Boardroom table by Haworth and the Adjourn Chair by Arcadia, another local manufacturer. So, why did Edwards FCU lean towards local manufacturers Encore and Arcadia? The FCU is a cooperative, owned by its members. Since a cooperative has a distinctly local focus, using Los Angeles area companies matched the founding philosophy of the bank.

Inviting Kitchen and Employee Lounge

Edwards FCU wanted a space to encourage employees to get together, relax, mingle and collaborate throughout the workday. This inviting kitchen and employee lounge required a bright, lively and fun space with several seating options and lots of light. For this third place, we furnished the space with Jive tables and Maari chairs, both from Haworth.

Splashes of color on furniture and light fixtures are complemented by modern wall graphics. A row of Riverbend booths, also from Haworth, lines an outside wall, allowing employees to enjoy the sunshine. For those who prefer a higher option, bar height stools are available in addition to traditional cafe tables.

Let Pacific Office Interiors Create your Modern Credit Union Design

When your project can benefit from a modern credit union design, be sure to contact Pacific Office Interiors. Our talented staff bring extensive experience, design skills and access to the area’s largest number of premium furniture and accessories..the combination you need to deliver the solution you seek. Contact us, call 818.735.0333 or email us at to learn more about interior design for hospitality spaces.

Design Team: Design/Build – Level 5, General Contractor – Interior Experts General Builders