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ACI Jet Viewing Areas Featuring Luxurious Environmental Design with Chairs

Environment-Inspired Design for a Luxury FBO Facility – ACI Jet

  /    /  Environment-Inspired Design for a Luxury FBO Facility – ACI Jet

Environment-Inspired Design for a Luxury FBO Facility – ACI Jet

ACI Jet is recognized as a premier fixed-base operator (FBO) and for excellence in the areas of private luxury jet fleet operation, management and service. For their latest expansion at the San Luis Obispo airport, they envisioned building an environment-inspired design for a luxury FBO facility.

To make this vision a reality, they assembled a team of architects, engineers and designers that had the same passion for quality, excellence and creating a luxury experience. Naturally, they turned to Pacific Office Interiors, the leading turn-key office interior design company in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Environment-Inspired Design Blends Seamlessly with Premium Furniture and Accessories

The new 90,000 square foot facility devotes 64,000 square feet of that space to an aircraft “showroom” hangers and areas for the company’s repair and maintenance services. The remaining 26,000 square feet are dedicated to staff and customers. Here’s where the luxurious, environment-inspired design takes center stage.

Getting the design perfect took an incredible 16 years, from conception to completion. The final design was inspired by the coastal mountain region of California. Special effort was made to provide unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape using large expanses of glass. A range of blues was used in fabric selections and on structural surfaces to mimic the beautiful California blue skies where the company operates. Neutral tones reflected the prevailing hues of the landscape and mountains. The total effect provided a seamless transition from outside to the FBO spaces. In another important environment-inspired design element, ACI Jet made sure the facility was CalGreen certified.

Customer Space Design as Luxurious as Private Jet Travel

ACI Jet wanted to extend the luxury experience of private jet travel to the front door of their FBO facility. Typically these waiting and boarding areas are spartan and basic. ACI Jet saw that as a disconnect. Why shouldn’t these spaces match the luxury experience once in flight? So, as their website states, “Somebody had to do it.” That somebody was ACI Jet.

The luxury experience begins the moment a traveler enters the lobby and reception area. Sumptuous leather sofas paired with faux marble accent tables create a comfortable and inviting place to wait for their private jet experience. Elsewhere, modular curved sofas with individual oversized lounge chairs create a more playful and fun space to relax, recharge or gather for an impromptu meeting. Finally, expansive walls of glass encourage travelers and guests to admire the beautiful natural surroundings or enjoy ongoing aviation operations.

Aviators Doing Aviation®

Being a part of the ACI Jet family requires each staff member to have a pilot’s license, or be actively engaged in getting one. They wanted to provide flexible office spaces, both open and enclosed, that provided ergonomically correct furniture and a work environment that inspired excellence and creating quality. Corporate spaces also include meeting rooms designed to be utilized by maintenance customers, aircraft staff and community organizations.

All staff offices are provisioned with height adjustable desks and a monitor arm, an ergonomic task chair, lounge-style seating for visitors and storage. Meeting rooms can be reserved by travelers for pre or post-flight meetings. Each room was designed for a specific number of users and carefully furnished to make users comfortable and productive. Ergonomic chairs surround a traditional table and the room boasts full audio/video capability including television and an intercom system. Mini-fridges are available throughout the facility, offering a variety of beverages.

A large training room is available for staff use and ACI Jet offers the space for community events. The company is invested in the community and offering this space is an example of their outreach efforts.

Creating an Environment-Inspired Design for a Luxury FBO Facility

It might be that ACI Jet has opened Pandora’s Box by setting a new standard for luxury FBO facilities. In this hyper-competitive market, you need every advantage. If you want an environment-inspired design for your own luxury FBO facility, we can help. Check out our Design and Furniture for Corporate Offices, contact us, call 818.735.0333, or email us at to learn more.

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