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Design Equity Bank Interior with Chairs and Desks

Modern Bank Design – Luther Burbank Savings

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Modern Bank Design – Luther Burbank Savings

Luther Burbank Savings opened its doors in 1983 with the mission of improving the financial future of its customers, employees and shareholders. The bank, named for Luther Burbank, an incredible botanist and innovator, Luther Burbank Savings works to use modern bank design to ensure that every clients’ financial worth endures by maintaining banking practices that are built to survive economic cycles. As LBS says, “You’re Worth More Here.”

Luther Burbank Savings latest branch uses modern design, furnishings and design equity to create a space younger customers will find comfortable and inviting. More importantly, to create a space they will want to visit for their banking needs, to just drop by to charge their phone, have a quick meeting, or to even grab a coffee.

Desi G Studio, designer for the project wanted to replace the old, stuffy vibe with a modern design that catered to the tastes of younger customers. They wanted a space that people would prefer to be in for reasons other than to simply use an ATM. A place where they could come in and conduct their banking business over a cup of coffee. And, where informal conversations could grow into future opportunities.

Modern Bank Design in Practice

The moment a customer walks in the door of this Luther Burbank Savings branch, they are greeted by a warm, naturally lit, comfortable space – a prime example of modern bank design. The experience is a far cry from traditional banks where customers are greeted by a cold, sterile atmosphere of isolated standup kiosks and roped lanes leading to a queue for the next teller.

The curved Haworth Riverbend sofa greets the visitor as they enter. The feel is more that of a concierge than a bank. Gone is an overpowering use of the bank’s logo. Instead, the round logo’s motif is captured not only by the sofa but also by oversized Poppy guest chairs complemented by a curved, and open lattice wooden architectural wall. A vibrant round GAN rug from the Haworth Collection and round pendant lights replace yet mirror the logo. The rug is a design by Patricia Urquiola and was made by women who had lost employment when their workshops closed. It seems a fitting choice for a bank devoted to securing the financial futures of individuals.

The inviting atmosphere continues at the teller and other work positions. Unlike any bank you may have visited, customers can sit comfortably at the teller stations in Haworth Poppy work chairs. For lengthier interactions, employees work from the Haworth ergonomic masterpiece, the Fern Task chair. The Haworth desks blend wood, steel and fabric, continuing the modern theme. The same Poppy chairs used elsewhere allow customers to sit comfortably while working with the bank’s employees.

Modern Bank Design Equity

An intentional part of the design’s goals was “design equity.” The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides guidance for accessibility and accommodation of people with handicaps. Where ADA is a legal requirement, design equity is not. It is all about making people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable in a space. To achieve this, the designer specified larger furniture. A larger person can enter the bank and feel assured the furniture will allow them to sit in comfort.

Durability Required

The bank is a public space with a lot of traffic and, being open six days a week, receives more use than a typical office. This fact demanded the use of the highest quality, most durable materials possible. All seating and work surfaces are finished in stain-resistant and cleanable materials whether fabric, leather, wood, laminate or steel.

Bring Modern Bank Design to Your Next Project

If the concept of modern bank design is an objective of your next banking project, let Pacific Office Interiors help you bring it to life. We have the design skills, resources and furniture solutions few other companies in the Greater Los Angeles area can match. Click here to learn more about Design and Furniture for Hospitality Spaces or call 818.735.0333 or email us at today to discuss your design vision.


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