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With over 30+ years of experience across multiple verticals and industries, we’re in the middle of the commercial design revolution and a part of it. Our blog is an opportunity to sound off on commercial interior design trends, contract furniture products and workplace pieces that add value to our customers- past, present and future. We aim to publish new posts each month and suggest subscribing to our monthly newsletter, ViewPOInt, so you’re the first to know when new posts are live and more.

Workware Has Gone Wireless Workware's latest update and added wireless connectivity that allows you to share and display content to any other display. A software experience that supports unlimited simultaneous sharing and communication for users in real time. Wireless and secure at

Stonefire Office Updates Take a look at what Pacific Office Interiors did to upgrade the Stonefire Grill Headquarters. POI set up Stonefire with a new lounge, workstations and chairs, conference room, and waiting area. Finally, to see more of POI's projects click