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With over 30+ years of experience across multiple verticals and industries, we’re in the middle of the commercial design revolution and a part of it. Our blog is an opportunity to sound off on commercial interior design trends, contract furniture products and workplace pieces that add value to our customers- past, present and future. We aim to publish new posts each month and suggest subscribing to our monthly newsletter, ViewPOInt, so you’re the first to know when new posts are live and more.

Memory and Office Productivity Messy desks a sign of creativity? Clean desks a sign of efficiency? Creativity and efficiency fundamentally incompatible? Furthermore, which of these is more related to intelligence? Click the image below to learn the answers and more of what the Haworth Research

Haworth Healthcare Environments Atwell Line Balancing your facility’s performance with patient-centered care is an everyday challenge.  Creating inviting spaces, where people can heal, boosting efficiency and fulfilling the rigorous requirements of healthcare environments remain critical.  Informed by industry and user research,