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Learn How to Increase Office Productivity With Sound Masking

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Learn How to Increase Office Productivity With Sound Masking

Gain More Office Productivity With Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Sound Masking is the addition of an unstructured sound to an environment that fills in the sound spectrum and makes the structured sound of human speech less intelligible. Usually it’s an unintrusive sound like airflow, similar to a typical modern HVAC system.

Like light, sound is a wave and spreads out in all directions from a source. Hard surfaces reflect it, walls block it, and soft surfaces absorb it. Other sounds can cover it up. But unimpeded, sound can travel pretty far.

Ever hear the saying, “it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop?” The reason you can “hear a pin drop” is because there’s nothing to impede the sound from being heard.


Sound Masking vs Sound Cancellation

Sound masking (or “white noise”) is often confused with sound cancellation. They are not the same thing, though this is a common mistake. People often think of sound masking as if it were something like the “Cone of Silence”.  Whenever someone was speaking in “the cone of silence,” the theory was that no one outside the cone could hear it very well.  Unfortunately, it never really worked – with comical results!



Finally, any business or organization handling sensitive, personal, or financial information must take deliberate measures to safeguard the private information of its clients. Financial, personal, and medical privacy are now considered fundamental rights protected by law or governed by regulation – laws covering print, network security and verbal communication of private information.

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