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How Office Furniture Can Affect Productivity in the Workplace

Office spaces have come a long way since the cubicle takeover of the 1980s and 1990s. Interior design is at the forefront of the workplace now and with it, a

Pacific Office Interiors Announce Additions and Promotions to Leadership Team

Pacific Office Interiors (POI), a leading commercial interior consulting firm in Agoura Hills, announced today the promotion of Mindi Faris to Director of Customer Experience. She will be succeeded by

The Trophy Office: Why I’m Leaving My Private Office Behind

The Trophy Office: Why I’m Leaving My Private Office Behind by: Mindi Faris, Customer Experience Director If you were to ask me if I wanted a private office, I would

Employee Event Recap: Heart Healthy Day

Employee Event Recap: Heart Healthy Day at POI Internal events are something companies attempt to execute but many fall short on delivering. We understand the time, energy and effort it

5 Easy Ways to Include Color In Your Workspace

5 Easy Ways to Include Color in Your Workspace According to a 2014 report in the Annual Review of Psychology, color has a unique effect on humans. It has the

Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College The New CMD (Center for Media Design) at Santa Monica College is located in the heart of Silicon Beach. KCRW relocated from their existing location at the main

Workware Has Gone Wireless

Workware Has Gone Wireless Workware’s latest update and added wireless connectivity that allows you to share and display content to any other display. A software experience that supports unlimited simultaneous

Fickewirth Additions

Fickewirth Additions Fickewirth recently updated their work-space with new chairs, lounge pieces and work stations. To see more of POI’s projects click here.

Use Bluescape to Collaborate Without Bounds

Collaborate Without Bounds Bluescape is a cloud-based visual collaboration software, it brings together all the content in a central place where teams can meet, share and develop ideas on an

YPO Global Pulse – Q3 2017

YPO Global Pulse – Q3 2017 • The YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index remained steadily optimistic, its fourth consecutive quarter above 60.0. • In the United States, the Index remained

USC gets some new additions in the Steven and Kathryn Sample Hall

USC gets some new additions Pacific Office Interiors has recently installed Haworth furniture and Filzfelt panels for the Graduate Student Government office in SKS.

Stonefire Office Updates

Stonefire Office Updates Take a look at what Pacific Office Interiors did to upgrade the Stonefire Grill Headquarters. POI set up Stonefire with a new lounge, workstations and chairs, conference

Corral’s Cove Office Cart

Corral’s Cove Office Cart The Cove Cart brings the warmth of wood to the home or office using molded plywood to create flexible storage. Cove File has a small drawer

HumanScale’s New QuickStand Eco

QuickStand Eco Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand products. Sleeker, easier to use and full of more sustainable materials than ever before. The QuickStand Eco is

Memory and Office Productivity

Memory and Office Productivity Messy desks a sign of creativity? Clean desks a sign of efficiency? Creativity and efficiency fundamentally incompatible? Furthermore, which of these is more related to intelligence?

Learn How to Increase Office Productivity With Sound Masking

Gain More Office Productivity With Sound Masking Sound Masking Sound Masking is the addition of an unstructured sound to an environment that fills in the sound spectrum and makes the

Office Organization Solutions

Office Organization Solutions Having a clutter free work space is an important piece of staying engaged with your work. However, staying organized is a challenge with work spaces becoming more

Spotlight: Department of Public Works – Watershed Division

Pacific Office Interiors partnered with the Department of Public Works(DPW) Watershed Division to create a functional and engaging space. Utilizing Enclosed walls, workstations, and more POI has helped the DPW

Appropriate Reach Zones and Storage Placement

Learn how Appropriate Reach Zones and Storage Placement can optimize your workflow and posture. Click the image to learn more. To learn more about how to improve your workplace please click

Formaspace Introduces the Revolution Industrial Office Furniture

See the Revolution Industrial Office Furniture Formaspace Introduces the Revolution Industrial Office Furniture and it all started with one of the largest dealers on the west coast and architects across

YPO Global Pulse – Q2 2017

YPO Global Pulse – Q2 2017 The YPO Global Pulse Confidence Index declined by 0.5 point in the second quarter of 2017 (2Q 2017) to 62.0. The Global Pulse Confidence

Haworth Healthcare Environments Atwell

Haworth Healthcare Environments Atwell Line Balancing your facility’s performance with patient-centered care is an everyday challenge.  Creating inviting spaces, where people can heal, boosting efficiency and fulfilling the rigorous requirements

ISE Line-of-Sight Desk

Take a look at the Line-of-Sight Multi-function Desk ISE’s Line-of-Sight multi-function desk is a unique solution for today’s classrooms and training rooms. As technology becomes necessary and prevalent in educational

RaspberryMed Lyric Glassboards

Lyric Glassboards These versatile glass boards make it easy to take care of your staff’s communications needs while contributing to the look of the room. We can help make your

Haworth Sales Awards Presented to POI Team

In February, Haworth announced 2016 global sales of USD $1.94 billion, a 6.4% increase from 2015. As Haworth continues to create effective solutions for people at work, Pacific Office Interiors

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