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Blue wall and red chair showing colorful design contrast

3Form Mobius Bench Transforms With Light

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Mobius Bench

3Form Mobius Bench Transforms With Light

Mobius is an interactive, circular bench that is activated by touch, and transforms with light. While the Mobius bench appears black at first, it illuminates with color when touched. The bench suggests certain seating arrangements for people, forcing them to interact with each other in new ways, namely in a playful way.

Designer Loius Lim took up the five-week project at 3Form’s Salt Lake City headquarters and factory earlier this year. He created Mobius after experimenting with special machinery that 3Form uses to cut, bend and fabricate material. Lim says he loved the challenge of working with Dark Chroma. As a material, Dark Chroma can appears black or gray, but shows light and color with amazing saturation when illuminated.

“Black is the absence of light, it is space and void, yet Dark Chroma expresses color, light and form.” 

Lim says Mobius is the perfect blend of interaction and simplicity. He ultimately aims to “evoke a feeling of joy and passion through Mobius.” The experience for strangers passing by Mobius bench will be nothing short of magical. Read more about it on 3Form’s website.