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Humanscale’s QuickStand

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Humanscale Quickstand

Humanscale’s QuickStand

Health and well-being should be a top priority as workers continue to work long hours in the office setting. Incorporating an active workspace into the everyday lives of office workers can be highly beneficial to their long term health.

While sitting at a desk for hours may be considered the norm, research shows that this behavior can be damaging to our health. Health effects include decreased blood circulation and lowered metabolism, among other things. Humanscale’s QuickStand accessory offers an easy and convenient solution.

QuickStand transforms any fixed-height desk into an active workspace. No need to replace your desk completely with one that adjusts in height. QuickStand attaches directly to the back of any existing work surface, where you can then adjust the height of your workstation accordingly. This feature allows you to alternate between the sitting and standing position throughout the day, encouraging users to stay active and integrate movement into their days.

The accessory’s sleek design allows it to fit into any work setting. It is designed to ensure the keyboard platform stays steady when the user types, to avoid bouncing of any kind. The product comes in both single and dual monitor setups.


QuickStand was voted the best office accessory of the decade at Interior Design magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Awards, and for apparent reasons. It transforms stagnant work stations into healthy, active workspaces. It’s a wonderful solution to the increasingly concerning health issues associated with traditional office settings.