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Blue wall and red chair showing colorful design contrast

Vitra Living Tower Steals the Show

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Vitra Living Tower

Vitra Living Tower Steals the Show


Designed by Verner Panton in 1969, The Living Tower reflects the popular ‘domestic landscape’ theme of the era. The large furniture sculpture fuses together various elements of a room, including the floor, walls, and ceiling. Over two meters high, the aesthetically appealing tower is upheld by a stable understructure made of birch plywood. Users enjoy the reclining or sitting in the various interior niches of the sculptures comfortable arrangement, and the configuration even encourages collaboration.

Available in a beautiful dark blue or hot red, the extraordinary piece creates a striking impression in an office setting and adds structure to open-plan spaces. Panton’s passion for bright colors and unique geometric patterns brings this one-of-a-kind design to life.