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Haworth Speakers Series: The Power of Design

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Haworth speaker series

Haworth Speakers Series: The Power of Design

We got the opportunity to visit the Haworth showroom in LA to hear two highly successful designers speak about their work and visions for the future. Interiors 2016 Design Legends Award winners Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge of Felderman Keatinge Associates have designed everything from interiors, architecture, and graphics to industrial design.

At the Speakers Series, the Felderman and Keatinge spoke in depth about the future of design, and what the offices of tomorrow will look entail. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the Haworth speakers presentation:

Key components of Design:

  • Adaptability
  • Amenities
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Space
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic
  • Technology


Virtual Reality is Coming

Technology continues to advance each year, and virtual reality products will be the wave of the future. Virtual reality contact lenses are in the process of being made and perfected. In the next 10-20 years, it may also become possible to recreate the vision of a loved one who has passed on, as if you are having a real time conversation with them. These new innovative products will completely shift our perceptions of reality and the way we view the world.

“Our goal is not to replicate the familiar — comforting as that may sometimes be. Our goal is to provide a bridge to the future.”


Integrate Nature

Incorporating nature into the office setting may seem like a simple aesthetic bonus, but it’s much more than that. Greenery can improve one’s mood, productivity and overall well-being. With the rise of technology in recent and coming years, it’s important to find ways to keep your workspace feeling natural, as Haworth exhibits in the photo below.


Stanley and Nancy give further insight to their innovative designs in the following video.


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