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Blue wall and red chair showing colorful design contrast

Welcome to Woodtech

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Celebrating trees with historic west coast origins, Woodtech introduces an exclusive portfolio of salvaged wood.

Welcome to Woodtech

In a world bustling with controversies and materials sourced in unsustainable ways, Woodtech is a breath of fresh air. With the recent increased pressure for furniture manufacturers to embody sustainability, we thought it would be beneficial to put the spotlight on a company that does just that. The California based company aims to build for quality in the most responsible way, and the results are stunning works of art.


Dairy Farmers of America Headquarters courtesy of Woodtech


Woodtech’s goal is simple: To be the highest quality provider of custom wood furniture to the contract market. From conference tables to architectural walls, Woodtech takes each client’s unique vision into account.


Palo Alto Medical Foundation courtesy of Woodtech


A majority of the wood used is Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, which means the sources are sustainable and can be renewed. One thing in particular sparked our interest- and that’s The California Collection. Specifically gathered from mandated tree removal, this line showcases the best of California’s coast. From fallen redwoods to Monterey cypress trees, Woodtech repurposes trees that would have otherwise ended up in landfills into beautiful works of art


Pernod Richard Headquarters courtesy of Woodtech



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