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Keep Your Resolutions, Even While at the Office

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Keep Your Resolutions, Even While at the Office

We’ve all heard the same laundry list of tips on how to stay healthy at the office. Yes, we can walk around periodically throughout the day, drink lots of water and do our best to avoid that mid-afternoon sugar craving. But what about the rest of the time where we need to be at our desks? We’ve gathered some of our favorite products that allow you to stay on track with those new years’ resolutions- even from behind your desk. 

A way to combat remaining completely sedentary throughout the day is to use a seat where you need to actively remain balanced. A couple of products we love fall into the balance ball category, one of them being Ballo by Humanscale. This lightweight seat makes remaining active while seated effortless. A similar, more cost-effective option is Balance Disc by Gaiam. Easy to throw on your desk chair, this will actively engage your core on virtually any seat.

Ballo, Adjustable Footrest and Fidget Bar

Even if your core is engaged from staying balanced, it’s also important to make sure your legs are comfortable while you’re sitting. Something as simple as this Adjustable Footrest by Vivo can make your seated position more ergonomic as you shift in your seat throughout the day. Similarly, the Fidget Bar by Vivo makes sure your legs and feet remain active while you are sitting or standing at your desk. 

What’s even better, all of these products can be found on Amazon! Incorporate some of them into your work station to keep on track for a healthy start to the new decade.

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