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Blue wall and red chair showing colorful design contrast

Why did this school district insist on THIS task chair?

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Back view on the 3142r1 Concept Seating chair in a dispatch setting

Why did this school district insist on THIS task chair?

Good design begins with understanding the client’s needs, making it our responsibility as commercial interior designers to consider and evaluate every request, even when the request seems out of place for the application.

Recently when a client specifically requested a chair built for intensive use, we dug deeper to answer the question, “Why did this school district insist on THIS task chair?” It turns out they had good reasons.

The school district design specifications included the 3142r1 High Back Chair from one of our partners, Concept Seating. This chair is designed for 24/7/365 use, and its typical users include law enforcement and customer call center operations.

With a design aesthetic seemingly more appropriate for the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, we thought it somewhat out of character for the school and its other furnishings. However, the school district wanted this chair for its durability, excellent ergonomics, and easy reupholstering characteristics supporting future style and finish upgrades.

They want to buy it once and use it for decades.

The Concept Seating 3142r1 Intensive Use chair - front view.
The Concept Seating 3142r1 Intensive Use chair - front view.

Feature Rich and Built to Last

Many manufacturers promote their chairs as 24/7 capable. However, Concept Seating sets the standard with its integration of proper ergonomics and a rich set of features including:

The seven-leg base of the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair provides unmatched stability, ease of movement, and weight capacity.

Seven-leg base
More than a lucky number, seven legs provide 20% more ease of movement and 10,000 lb dynamic load capacity.

One-piece seat covers simplify replacement or color changes for the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair.

Replaceable covers
This leopard can change its spots in a matter of minutes. The all-in-one cover encompasses the headrest, back, and seat making changes a snap.

A lever provides easy height adjustment of the 3142r1 chair for users from 5’0” to 6’5” tall.

Unmatched range
The 3142r1 comes with height adjustments to accommodate people from 5’0” to 6’5” tall, an unmatched range.

Infinitely adjustable, easily controlled lumbar support enhance comfort and ergonomics for users of the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair.

Adjustable lumbar support
Part of the chair’s ergonomic feature set includes infinitely adjustable lumbar support.

Unique seat design of the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair enhances user’s blood and oxygen flow

Ergo Air Suspension System (EAS2)
The unique seat construction keeps blood and oxygen flowing through the user’s body, especially important during long periods of sitting.

Integrated brakes on the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair’s casters prevent movement until user sits down.

Safety Casters
Spring dampened, locking casters keep the chair stationary until the user sits down, then the brake releases allowing free movement.

2.5” of arm rest height adjustment helps users of the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair accommodate duty belts.

Adjustable armrests
Designed to accommodate a user wearing a duty belt, the armrests offer 2.5” of adjustment.

Choose from seven tilt positions for comfort when using the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair.

Seven-position tilt
Users can select from seven different tilt positions with the click of a button, without compromising balance or movement.

Cut-away sides on the Concept Seating 3142r1 chair allows duty equipment to hang freely to either side.

Cut-away sides
For users wearing duty belts, the cut-away side allows equipment to hang freely and comfortably to either side.

Work with Us When You Need THAT Chair

So, while the school district employees may not use the chairs as continuously as a 911 dispatch operation, they were planning to use them for a long, long time. Whether you have something specific in mind, or even if you want this exact intensive-use, high-back chair with out-of-this-world durability and no-compromise ergonomics chair, talk to us.

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